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After Covid

The end of the Covid 19 pandemic signals a slow, but steady return to normal as we begin to engage in the group activities that were taken for granted in the pre-pandemic world.  It remains to be seen what the performing arts will look like as we begin to rehearse again and ultimately appear before live audiences.  Will our craft have suffered in its solitude?  Will audiences return?  Will they embrace us with fresh ears and eyes? All questions that compound the self-doubt that is inherent in the artist’s soul.

The Tokyo Summer Olympics showed us that the lack of live spectators does impact the intensity of performance.  We long to share our craft with others and bask in their appreciation of our efforts.  But this is far from the defining factor in our pursuit of quality.  We create for our own expression, for our need to convey ideas that mere words fail to adequately express. Needed, however, is someone to receive that communication from us.  We long to enhance the quality of existence in others and our fervent hope always is that we have touched them in some unique way. In a society that is filled with constant availability in the form of the internet, the need for live performance is increasingly tested.  There is nothing, however, like the experience regardless of the level of artistry but taking the time to explore the opportunity seems less and less a priority in our fast paced lives.  Hopefully the silence of the pandemic will rekindle the public’s desire to participate in that ultimate manifestation of community, a live performance.  We wait with enhanced anticipation on your return to our venues.