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DOES Familiarity Breed Contempt?
I recently did a pre-concert talk for which I was totally unprepared!  So I chatted about the music at hand for a few minutes, and then threw the floor open [...]
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Departed Friends
It seems like I have been writing the words “rest in peace” on a more regular basis lately.  I suppose it is inevitable that, as we age, we lose our [...]
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A Midsummer Night’s Dream
People have asked me about my activities as a ballet conductor as opposed to symphonic conducting. My quip response is that when conducting a symphonic concert, I am totally in [...]
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A New Concerto!
With the turn of the calendar page to September, the new concert season is upon us with a vengeance! The summer months are relatively light for me, by design. I [...]
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Sound in Motion
The summer months are a time for me to get caught up on my reading, and spend time with the new repertoire for the coming season. While I have been [...]
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Pardon Our Dust!
WELCOME! If you have just discovered my site, or actually come looking for it, I’m glad you are here! I am still in the process of populating the place with [...]
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